About OwnDeco Team

Victoria Lambert

Homemaker & Kitchen Specialist

Victoria Lambert is Homemaker. She has four years of experience as a Resident Household Manager & Home Maker at her own house.
She completed her Bachelor Lamar University, Texas (Hospitality Management) South Texas College (Culinary Arts) 2012-2014, She has expert is Care & Hygiene,Basic Home Care, Shower, Bed & Bath, Activities of Daily Living, Cooking & Meal Preparation Vacuuming, Dishwashing & Laundry, Grocery Shopping, Kitchen appliance & utensil Expert She joins with OwnDeco 2022 as a Kitchen Specialist.

Jack Conroy

Interior Designer & Home Decorator Specialist

Jack Conroy was an Interior Designer at Hector Landgrave Casa Inc.
He has 10 years of experience as a landscape designer & Interior Designer at Landgrave Casa Inc. Jack Conroy completed his MA (Masters of arts) from California State Polytechnic University-Pomona of Interior Design in 2012. He has expertise in Landscape Design, Architectural design, Interior design and so on. He joins in Owndeco 2022 as a Home decorator specialist

Kathryn Phillips

Physical Therapist & Bed-Mattress Expert

Kathryn Phillips is a physical therapist at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Middletown.
She has five years of experience as a Resident Physician and Four years of professional. Kathryn completed her Bachelor’s from the University of Delaware, BS in 2015 & Diploma in (Biology) from the University of St. Augustine, DPT in 2011. She has expertise in Orthopedic physical therapy, Sports medicine, Neurological rehab, Advanced assessment and treatment of running injuries, Advanced treatment of the pelvic complex, spine, extremities and so others. She joins with OwnDeco 2022 as a Bed & Mattress Expert

Daniel Rainbolt

Consultant & Furniture Expert

Daniel Rainbolt works in South American-based technology farm as consultant.
With more than 13 years of expertise creating and implementing retail solutions. He has established a name for home furnishing software solutions, furniture software, POS furniture software, and software re-engineering with expanded functionality. He joins with OwnDeco 2022 as a Furniture Expert.